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Hocus-pocus, reticle-Hereticle!

On the Theory of External Reticle Gaming Gadgets

While Cat the Production Manager is busy overseeing the production minions, we thought we would take a little break from reports from the production line. Instead, we wanted to share with you some conceptual considerations about Hereticle, our external reticle gaming gadget.
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A (r)evolution of the reticle

Designing the external reticle

In the design and development of our Hereticle crosshairs gadget, we’ve given a lot of thought to the configuration and the design of the sight, or the reticle (yes, we know we need to make up our minds which term works best. Sight or reticle? Decisions, decisions…). After all, the external reticle is what makes Hereticle work the way it does, and the way it fits into your view of the game is critically important.

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Limited Edition Crosshairs, Unit 001, Hot Off the Press

Finishing Touches in the crosshairs

The production of our first limited edition Hereticle crosshairs gaming gadget is moving along. We’d love nothing more than to get this first batch out to our prospective fans as quickly as possible. Like now. Or yesterday. But, as tempting as it has been to declare the first batch completed, we also want to be as deliberate as possible. As the production progresses, we have been noticing things that could use improvement, both in functionality and in style. In a few such instances we decided to make some changes on the fly. So things have changed a little since our last photoshoot, and we thought we’d do another and post some pics here for your viewing pleasure.

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Hereticle in its element – mounted and ready to go

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We’re not yet done with the production of our first full batch of the limited edition Hereticle crosshairs gaming gadget. But we couldn’t resist sharing with you some pictures of the fully assembled Hereticle in its element – mounted on a monitor, ready for some serious shooting action. Yes, the photos are not really studio quality – but hey, we’re on a self-funding budget here, so cut us some slack, ok?

So without further ado, we present to you…

Hereticle - curious kitty

Seriously, Cat, what are you doing here? Need I remind you of the hazards of curiosity for a cat? Besides, you should be busy assembling our gadgets! Prepare for a serious talk right after I’m done writing this post.

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Updates from the crosshairs gadget production line

From drawings to steel

As we mentioned in our previous blog entry, the production of the first limited edition batch of our Hereticle crosshairs gadget has been in full swing for the past couple of weeks.

It’s been very interesting to see how the design of our aiming gadget, first just a collection of drawings, has been turning into a collection of a whole bunch of actual parts. Here, take a look for yourself:

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Lessons learned, and back in game

Lessons learned

It’s been a little less than a year since our first attempt to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund mass production of Hereticle, the first of a kind crosshairs gaming accessory. We will be the first to admit: the attempt wasn’t well thought out. We were way too eager to launch it without making sure first that our potential audience knows about our project. But we consoled ourselves with the realization that the campaign didn’t fail because the idea of a mountable crosshairs gadget was flawed. We received some important feedback as a result of the campaign, and we were confident that Hereticle is an accessory with a demand in the gaming community. We also realized that we had to self-fund the first batch of production, to be able to send the gadget out to early adopters and reviewers, and continue to gather feedback about it.

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Hereticle t-shirt samples are in!

Hereticle T-shirt

We’ve just received the first Hereticle t-shirt samples, and when our little supermodel put one of them on, she was simply irresistible, as you can see for yourself. Planning to take some more photos, with much less photogenic adults serving as models…

Please consider backing our Kickstarter project, and for pledges of $25 and up your reward will include an awesome t-shirt like this!

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