Hereticle External Crosshairs Aiming Aid Gaming Accessory

Hereticle, First Limited Edition

A new focus. A new inspiration. A new weapon.

Hereticle (\hi-ˈre-ti-kəl\) is a first- and third-person-shooter gaming gadget [US patent pending] that offers a more exciting, precise, realistic, and disciplined gaming experience. Designed to be easily mounted on most types of monitors, Hereticle is also designed to be easily deployed and easily withdrawn. Imitating a real “iron sight”, it creates a fresh new focus that revitalizes your old, familiar games, and adds a cool crosshairs perspective to new games. It can inspire never before seen gaming modes that take full advantage of the enhanced gaming sensation Hereticle brings; and ultimately, a totally new class of games that incorporate Hereticle as their integral element. Learn more…

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Hereticle External Reticle

what is it and why is it?

Hereticle is an external reticle gaming accessory for first- and third-person-shooter games. Its base is mounted onto the top edge of the monitor. A thin carbon fiber rod extends from the base towards the center of the screen, and at the end of the rod is the crosshairs attachment that, when properly calibrated, assists your aiming towards the center of the screen. The rod assembly easily swings to fixed positions every quarter turn, allowing to either deploy the external reticle for gaming, or to move it above the monitor so that it’s out of the way when it’s not needed in gaming action.

Hereticle First LE Released, Get Your Own


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external crosshairs

Hereticle Model LE

Hereticle is a gaming gadget that creates a much richer gaming experience. Because the external reticle is positioned at a distance from the screen, it creates a new plane of focus. If you’re familiar with the traditional sighting mechanism used in firearms – what’s sometimes called the “iron sights” – you know that in order to use it one needs to learn to align several planes of focus at different distances: the rear sight, the front sight, and the target. Hereticle brings a similar effect into computer gaming by introducing the second plane of focus, creating a more realistic visual experience.

In addition to offering a fresh perspective into the gaming action, Hereticle also introduces a new element of physical discipline. In order to take advantage of the external sight, one must sit in an upright position, with one’s eyesight properly aligned with the crosshairs and the center of the monitor. So it’s good for your posture, too!