FAQ – Hereticle External Gaming Reticle

Q: Why do I need this reticle gadget at all? What’s wrong with the way I’ve been playing my FPS games all these years? What makes Hereticle different from the in-game, OSD, or any other on-screen reticle?

A: We are by no means saying there’s a problem with the way you are used to enjoying your FPS games today. Hereticle simply adds an interesting perspective that allows you to experience your games in a new way. It positions an external reticle at a distance from the surface of the screen, creating an additional plane of focus for the gamer to work with. This is a completely new way to experience your FPS gaming. It’s not better or worse – it’s simply different, and, as we’ve found for ourselves, very enjoyable!

Q: Doesn’t the rod interfere with me seeing what’s going on in the game?

A: We have experimented with a variety of materials and designs for the rod-and-reticle assembly, from transparent plastic to various opaque materials, and we’ve also asked multiple people to test-drive Hereticle in their own setup. In all these tests, regardless of the game being played, not only didn’t Hereticle interfere with the gaming process, but it very quickly became its integral part. And the rod is particularly unnoticeable due to the wonders of human stereo vision.

We’re planning to have a variety of interchangeable models of rods and reticles to choose from, so that you are able to find a good match to your gaming preferences.

Q: How do I get the reticle out of the way when I no longer need it?

A: The cylindrical part of the rod holder, into which the rod is inserted, is rotatable 360 degrees around its axis, and has fixed positions at every quarter turn. This allows you to easily rotate the rod-and-reticle assembly in the plane parallel to the surface of the screen, so that the rod is either parallel to the top edge of the screen, or extends up above the screen.

Q: What display sizes do you support?

A: Out of the box, Hereticle can be mounted on displays of up to about 40”/100cm diagonal size. Our favorite setting is with 17’’-30’’ desktop monitors, but we will be more than happy to help you deploy Hereticle on larger monitors.

Q: Can I use Hereticle with a 60” LCD/Plasma display ? Can I order a custom length rod?

A: Most certainly. Please let us know what monitor (model or size) you’d like to deploy Hereticle on, and we’ll be happy to produce a custom length rod for you.

Q: How do I calibrate Hereticle? Do I need to recalibrate it on each deployment?

A: Please use our specially designed calibration page. Once calibrated, simply keep Hereticle mounted on your monitor, and rotate the rod-and-reticle assembly away from your screen when you’re not playing. When it’s time to deploy the reticle again, simply rotate the rod-and-reticle assembly back to its in-action position, and the rod holder mechanism will make sure the reticle is in the same calibrated position.

Q: Admit it – you’ve designed your little gadget to let people cheat other players!

A: This is not our intention at all. We have created Hereticle for fair play. When used in modes where the on-screen reticle is present, or in single player hardcore modes, our gadget simply enhances the gaming experience. When used in deathmatch, we advocate for using Hereticle only when all participants agree to it. If you’re caught unawares and your deathmatch opponent suddenly starts beating you way too much for your comfort – well, know that you know that Hereticle is out there, this is one possible explanation. A la guerre comme a la guerre, brother. But we sincerely do hope that introduction of Hereticle as an additional tool in your gaming toolkit is going to inspire gaming communities, special gaming modes, and even special games that utilize the full potential of the Hereticle experience.

Q: Where can I get custom shaped reticle?

A: We are working on producing a line of interchangeable reticle attachments of various configurations and shapes. If you have an idea of a cool reticle design, please share your thoughts with us and we shall do our best to produce reticles based on your ideas.

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