Hereticle, the External Crosshairs: First Limited Edition

The First External Crosshairs Gaming Accessory

Friends, we are really excited to bring to you the first commercially available Hereticle external crosshairs gadget! This is a very limited batch, which each gadget individually numbered. It’s a perfect collector’s item and a perfect gift to a true gamer.

Why Hereticle is awesome:

  • It’s the first external crosshairs gaming accessory, bringing you a more exciting, precise, and realistic first- and third-person shooter gameplay experience.
  • It positions the external reticle at a distance from the screen, thus creating a unique visual sensation, much like aiming through real “iron sight”.
  • It’s a more disciplined approach to shooter gaming, because you must keep proper alignment with the external sight and the target. It’s better for your posture, too!
  • It will bring a fresh new perspective to your old, familiar games.
  • It’s a perfect training accessory for hard-core mode playing.

Features / Specs:

  • Easily mounted on most types of monitors
  • Easily calibrated, with no need for re-calibration
  • Easily withdrawn and easily re-deployed
  • Four different crosshairs styles included, in this limited release only
  • Precise mechanism for easy ±90°/180° rotation
  • Back swivel
  • Light, thin, flexible, non-deformable carbon fiber rod. Custom-length rods available for order upon request.
  • Silicone anti-slip sleeves
  • Precise mechanics
  • Shipping weight: 370g / 0.8lb

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