Hereticle External Crosshairs. Now available for purchase.

The Hereticle External Crosshairs online shop is now open

Friends, we are happy to announce that the wait for the first commercially available external crosshairs gadget is over! Our online shop is open, featuring our First Limited Edition Hereticle.  Please give it a whirl, let us know if you notice anything out of whack, spread the word – and, if you like what you see, click “Add to Cart“!

A Weapon-Grade Collector’s Item

This is our first, very limited batch edition, with a beautifully rugged look. The blued gun steel, brass, and black carbon fiber bring the look and feel of a real weapon into your gaming setup. We’re also including four uniquely styled crosshairs attachments, ranging from the awesomely conceptual to the utilitarian.

To top this package off, to signify your membership in the exclusive club of the early adopters of the Hereticle phenomenon, each of these units comes with its own, unique serial number, on a beautiful brass side plate. You will be getting your own, personal, numbered weapon for your gaming toolkit.

As we develop our product line, we imagine that there are going to be some cheaper, plastic-based models. But what we can be certain of is that there will never be another First Limited Edition Hereticle.  We have priced this model to reflect its weapon-grade materials and design. Besides, if you consider this in the context of your other gaming expenses, it’s really not an outlier.  Sure, it’s “discretionary spending”, as are most of your other gaming related purchases. But this is not just another gaming keyboard. This is an invitation to an exclusive club. This is a weapon-grade addition to your gaming experience.

Free shipping in the US and Canada

These first Hereticle units are shipping from our North American base, so we’re happy to offer free shipping to USA and Canada! International shipping to other countries is at a low flat rate of $20. With time we’ll be expanding our shipping options.

Sales tax in NJ

This North American base we mentioned? Yes, it’s in New Jersey. We are thus obligated to charge the sales tax of 7%, but only for those orders that ship to a New Jersey address.


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