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External Crosshairs Enthusiast’s Pocket Dictionary, A-F

The vocabulary of the External Crosshairs Gadget

We’ve been using a fair number of terms in this blog that have a rather specific meaning when we discuss Hereticle, our external crosshairs gaming gadget. So here’s the first entry in what we’re hoping to become a developing series on the vocabulary of the external crosshairs aficionado. We will be expanding this section based on your feedback, so please be sure to let us know if there’s anything missing!

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Hocus-pocus, reticle-Hereticle!

On the Theory of External Reticle Gaming Gadgets

While Cat the Production Manager is busy overseeing the production minions, we thought we would take a little break from reports from the production line. Instead, we wanted to share with you some conceptual considerations about Hereticle, our external reticle gaming gadget.
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A (r)evolution of the reticle

Designing the external reticle

In the design and development of our Hereticle crosshairs gadget, we’ve given a lot of thought to the configuration and the design of the sight, or the reticle (yes, we know we need to make up our minds which term works best. Sight or reticle? Decisions, decisions…). After all, the external reticle is what makes Hereticle work the way it does, and the way it fits into your view of the game is critically important.

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