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In Honor of The Gamer

The driving force of the PC industry? You, the Gamer.

I gotta tell you, sometimes even I take for granted that this relatively modest PC standing quietly beside my desk, diligently rendering keystrokes into words in this blog post, is in fact a computational beast the kind of which could not have been imagined not very long ago. But when I think about it, I strongly believe that it is you, the gamer, who was and continues to be the driving force behind this amazing evolution.

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External Crosshairs Enthusiast’s Pocket Dictionary, A-F

The vocabulary of the External Crosshairs Gadget

We’ve been using a fair number of terms in this blog that have a rather specific meaning when we discuss Hereticle, our external crosshairs gaming gadget. So here’s the first entry in what we’re hoping to become a developing series on the vocabulary of the external crosshairs aficionado. We will be expanding this section based on your feedback, so please be sure to let us know if there’s anything missing!

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