External Crosshairs Enthusiast’s Pocket Dictionary, A-F

The vocabulary of the External Crosshairs Gadget

We’ve been using a fair number of terms in this blog that have a rather specific meaning when we discuss Hereticle, our external crosshairs gaming gadget. So here’s the first entry in what we’re hoping to become a developing series on the vocabulary of the external crosshairs aficionado. We will be expanding this section based on your feedback, so please be sure to let us know if there’s anything missing!

Aiming aid: this is how we occasionally describe the function Hereticle fulfills in FPS gaming. It’s a little cold and doesn’t quite convey the coolness factor Hereticle brings into your gaming experience… but it begins with an A.

Base: this is what we call the unit of the gadget that holds onto the top edge of your monitor and thus holds the external crosshairs in place. This blog post offers a bit more background on this part of the gadget.

Crosshairs: the heart of the gadget. We also use the term “reticle” to describe this piece. We have designed several different crosshairs attachments – check out this blog post.

Deathmatch: if you’re reading this, we don’t have to explain to you what this term means (but here you are, just in case). We mention it here because this is one of our favorite settings to enjoy Hereticle in. Needless to say, when we play all of us use Hereticle. Otherwise it would be like shooting sitting ducks, if you get our meaning.

Enhanced, as in “enhanced gaming experience”. We always emphasize that Hereticle doesn’t come to solve any particular problem with the way you’re used to play your games. Instead, it enhances your gaming with some cool new effects.

External: Hereticle sets up an external crosshairs/reticle/sight between you and your screen. You can use it to either enhance the in-game/on-screen crosshairs, or get rid of the latter altogether and experience the Hereticle effect to the fullest.

Focus: the first component in the Hereticle tagline “A new focus. A new inspiration. A new weapon.” As we explain in this blog post, Hereticle introduces a new plane of focus that changes the way you see your virtual battle field and your targets.

To be continued; there’re 26 letters in the English alphabet, you know, and each deserves equal attention. Well, maybe except J.

Hereticle with crescent reticle, above monitor

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