At the base of the External Reticle

Redesigning the base of the external reticle

When we went back to the drawing board to improve the design of our external reticle gaming gadget, we already had several important conclusions from the field tests of our beloved but far-from-perfect Basic and Steampunk models.

First, the stability of these models was still a bit underwhelming. Second, the Steampunk model was relatively hard to calibrate (why is it that all beautiful things in life are hard to calibrate? Erm… well… okay, we’ll leave the philosophizing to the Philosophy of Calibration experts among you, our esteemed readers). Third, it wasn’t easy to preserve the calibrated position of the reticle over multiple deployments. Fourth, withdrawing the reticle into a “stand down” position was a relatively awkward multi-step process. Fifth, again with the Steampunk model, the design of the base wasn’t particularly production friendly. Sixth… okay, five is enough to show off our skills in self-criticism, wouldn’t you agree?

The new base

To work on the new base, we engaged a professional production engineer to come up with an improved design. We even have smart-looking drawings and renderings to prove it!

The new design of the rod holder now consists of two details. The cylindrical front detail has a convex surface at its base surface. When you want to rotate the rod with the external reticle away from the screen, this cylindrical detail rotates inside the opening in the back detail. At each 90 degree turn this convex surface falls into a slot of the same shape inside the back detail. The spring mechanism that holds the front and the back detail together draws the front holder into this slot, thus fixing the front holder in place at every quarter turn. In short, now the operation of the rod holder is a breeze.

The redesigned mounting mechanism is extremely versatile. Its hinge mechanism allows for it to be mounted pretty much onto any type of a monitor. The back rollers increase stability both by serving as a counter-weight and by fixing the gadget against the back surface of the monitor:
Hereticle Limited Edition external reticle gadget, mounted, side view

And as to the improved production friendliness – not that the we advocate such use of Hereticle, but this photo speaks for itself!
four Hereticle Limited Edition external reticle gadget, four units mounted

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