Lessons learned, and back in game

Lessons learned

It’s been a little less than a year since our first attempt to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund mass production of Hereticle, the first of a kind crosshairs gaming accessory. We will be the first to admit: the attempt wasn’t well thought out. We were way too eager to launch it without making sure first that our potential audience knows about our project. But we consoled ourselves with the realization that the campaign didn’t fail because the idea of a mountable crosshairs gadget was flawed. We received some important feedback as a result of the campaign, and we were confident that Hereticle is an accessory with a demand in the gaming community. We also realized that we had to self-fund the first batch of production, to be able to send the gadget out to early adopters and reviewers, and continue to gather feedback about it.

Back to the drawing board, and back

As much as we liked the designs that we started our Kickstarter campaign with, they were not suitable for a smaller scale, self-funded production cycle. So we went back to the drawing board, and came up with this streamlined yet effective design of a mountable crosshairs accessory:

Modular Crosshair Scene

Our main goal was to simplify production while ensuring solidness of the design. We’re proud to report that the first samples of this design we assembled and field-tested have proven to be just that – simple, solid, and effective.

Production in the crosshairs

After the successful initial field tests we fired up the production of the first limited edition batch of this first generation of mass-produced Hereticle models. We have now received most of the parts required to assemble the first batch – the mounting brackets, the reticle rods, the silicone anti-slip protectors, the reticle/sight/crosshairs attachments (we’re still not sure which term to use to best describe this part. Reticle? Sight? Crosshairs? What do y’all think?), and most other things. We expect to announce the availability of this model for purchase very soon. Stay tuned!

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