A (r)evolution of the reticle

Designing the external reticle

In the design and development of our Hereticle crosshairs gadget, we’ve given a lot of thought to the configuration and the design of the sight, or the reticle (yes, we know we need to make up our minds which term works best. Sight or reticle? Decisions, decisions…). After all, the external reticle is what makes Hereticle work the way it does, and the way it fits into your view of the game is critically important.

Parade of reticles

Check out this gallery below; it’s just 10 photos, but it shows the breadth of the different styles, materials, and designs we’ve been experimenting with. There’s transparent plastic with laser engraving, unique laser-cut designs in the shape of a crescent or more resembling classic crosshairs forms. We’ve been trying different colors, from the more transparent to gold to red to grayish. We have also been improving the mechanism of attaching the reticle onto the rod: it is now much more precise and convenient. All this is part of our work towards bringing you gear that blends perfectly into your gaming experience:

Rod is important, too…

Those of you with an eye for details have undoubtedly noticed while observing this gallery that the rod that brings the sight to the center of your viewport has gone through some transformations, too. This detail is just as important as the reticle itself. On one hand it has to ensure stability, on the other hand it has to be sufficiently inconspicuous. As you can see, we’ve gone from transparent plastic to brass, from brass to steel, and from steel to carbon fiber. Each material offered its own advantages and its own challenges.

…But your feedback is what’s really important!

As we experiment and field test all these different designs and materials, we are gravitating towards certain models as our own favorites. But what really matters is which combinations of designs and materials will work for you. So we’re keeping all these options open so that we are able to react quickly to the feedback from our users. Please let us know which of these you like best! Needless to say, we welcome any and all suggestions and ideas from you on how to make the sight, and the entire crosshairs gadget, look and work even better.

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