Limited Edition Crosshairs, Unit 001, Hot Off the Press

Finishing Touches in the crosshairs

The production of our first limited edition Hereticle crosshairs gaming gadget is moving along. We’d love nothing more than to get this first batch out to our prospective fans as quickly as possible. Like now. Or yesterday. But, as tempting as it has been to declare the first batch completed, we also want to be as deliberate as possible. As the production progresses, we have been noticing things that could use improvement, both in functionality and in style. In a few such instances we decided to make some changes on the fly. So things have changed a little since our last photoshoot, and we thought we’d do another and post some pics here for your viewing pleasure.

Meet Hereticle Limited Edition, Unit 001.

We’ve decided that this limited edition batch is going to be a numbered one. Each unit we send out will have its own unique unit number. And here is the double-oh-one itself, the first of the bunch. The new side plate adds some brightness to the serious gun steel look of the mounting bracket. It also carries the signature “Hereticle” title and the unit number.

The third photo in the gallery shows the calm, confident look and feel of Hereticle when mounted on top of your monitor. You may also notice a slight change in the attachment handle of the sight, and a change in its color as well. We like this one much better!

And the last close-up demonstrates the much more convenient, and much more cool-looking, rod set thumbscrew.

As you can see, the gadget is looking good. As I write this, Cat the Production Manager is working on a few more finishing touches. Almost there. Stay tuned!

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