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A (r)evolution of the reticle

Designing the external reticle

In the design and development of our Hereticle crosshairs gadget, we’ve given a lot of thought to the configuration and the design of the sight, or the reticle (yes, we know we need to make up our minds which term works best. Sight or reticle? Decisions, decisions…). After all, the external reticle is what makes Hereticle work the way it does, and the way it fits into your view of the game is critically important.

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The Hereticle Photoshoot

Phew! And I thought the video was the hard part… it was a hard part, but then I started working on making some more photos of the production prototypes for the website and for our Kickstarter page, and let me tell you – that’s no walk in the park either. We actually made several “simulating surfaces” in different colors out of Lego so that we could make photos of how Hereticle would work on monitors of different sizes. But the work has paid off – we’ve made some nice shots that demonstrate the gadget nicely.

Some more work on the text for the website, last design touches… This thing is coming together!