Kickstarter video is ready

The clip is ready!

After an entire day of filming with a camera operator who actually knows how to operate a camera (did you see how many buttons those things have?!) we had about 3 hours worth of video footage. Did I mention that the suggested length of a Kickstarter video is a couple of minutes?

Two more days for sorting through the footage, locating good scenes. Some additional filming of Hereticle in action. Then a day for sound recording. Then two days of editing. Then we had the first draft, which at first looked like a complete and abject failure. We looked it and thought “this isn’t going to work, we must re-shoot the entire thing”. But, little by little, we identified the problematic spots, cut some, replaced some others, added music, some video effects – and voila! The video looked much, much better! Our editing guy even said how impressed he was with our screenwriting and directing. Well, I don’t see any Oscars in our futures, but we’re pretty darn happy with ourselves right now.

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