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Hereticle First Limited Edition – Black Friday Sale! 30% Off!

Hereticle Black Friday 2016 Sale

Alright, this is your chance, people! With Black Friday approaching, as black as the gun steel Hereticle First Limited Edition is made of, we’re announcing our biggest sale yet: now through November 30th, you can purchase your own, uniquely numbered, collectible grade Hereticle First Limited Edition external crosshairs accessory for just $67!

Heretical External Crosshairs, new generation

Thank you, First Limited Edition Hereticle External Crosshairs adopters

Hi there! We know we’ve been absent for a while. Been busy with a whole bunch of interesting things, but Hereticle has always been our cornerstone efforts. So first of all, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s now a proud owner of the first commercially available external crosshairs gadget !  The online shop is still open, and we still have some First Limited Edition Hereticle gadgets available.
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In Honor of The Gamer

The driving force of the PC industry? You, the Gamer.

I gotta tell you, sometimes even I take for granted that this relatively modest PC standing quietly beside my desk, diligently rendering keystrokes into words in this blog post, is in fact a computational beast the kind of which could not have been imagined not very long ago. But when I think about it, I strongly believe that it is you, the gamer, who was and continues to be the driving force behind this amazing evolution.

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Hereticle t-shirt samples are in!

Hereticle T-shirt

We’ve just received the first Hereticle t-shirt samples, and when our little supermodel put one of them on, she was simply irresistible, as you can see for yourself. Planning to take some more photos, with much less photogenic adults serving as models…

Please consider backing our Kickstarter project, and for pledges of $25 and up your reward will include an awesome t-shirt like this!

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Kickstarter campaign launched!

This is it – we have just launched our Kickstarter campaign Our goal is to raise the funds necessary to finance mass production of Hereticle… no, that’s the wrong way to put it. Our goal is to bring the excitement of Hereticle gaming to wider gaming community! We’ve done our homework, we’ve built and tested a bunch of prototypes. We’ve seen Hereticle in action, we love it, and we know that you gamers out there are going to love it, too! Now you can help make it a reality, for your own enjoyment and for the benefit of thousands and thousands of gamers across the globe. Please support our campaign and help us spread the word!

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Kickstarter campaign submitted for approval

We’ve just clicked on the green button! After the last round of checks and double-checks we submitted our projects to be reviewed by the good folks at Kickstarter. Hopefully they don’t find anything objectionable about it… and how could they, right?

We’ve put a lot of thought into the pledge levels and their rewards – we thought there shouldn’t be too many of them, and we wanted to make sure the rewards are fair. Here’s to hoping we’ve done a good job there!

Project preview on Kickstarter